3M™ VHB™ Tape RP45

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  • Bonding a lens to a metal sign frame,
  • LCD Display Frame Attachment,
  • Felt Protective Strip Attachment,
  • TV Stand Decorative Trim Attachment,
  • Washing Machine Touch Panel Bonding,
  • Commercial Vehicle Roof Vent Attachment,
  • Logo Bonding on TV,
  • Bonding a logo to a Refrigerator,
  • Rail Car Light Cover Attachment,
  • Bonding a lens to control panel window,
  • Bonding a logo to an Oven,
  • Commercial Vehicle Trim Attachment,
  • Laptop Bezel Trim Attachment,
  • Interior Rail Car Construction
Adhesive Multi-Purpose Acrylic Adhesive
Brand VHB
Colour Grey
Flexibility of Material One Substrate Flexible, Both Substrates Flexible
Foam Conformability Conformable
Length 33m
Liner Thickness 3mm
Liner Type Polyethylene (PE) Film, Paper
Long term exposure temperature 161-201
Substrate (Surface Energy) Medium Surface Energy,
(38-39 Dynes/cm),
High Surface Energy, (400-1100 Dynes/cm),
Medium-High Surface Energy,
(42-50 Dynes/cm)
Tape Thickness 1.0mm – 1.1mm
Temp resistance – initial 148
Temperature Resistance – Long Term 93

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